Friday, February 24, 2006

Fellow Travelers' Advisory from Anne Feeney - MARCH 2006: VOLUME ONE, #12

Fellow Travelers' Advisory from Anne Feeney - MARCH 2006: VOLUME ONE, #12


This Sunday, February 26 in Tucson, AZ - this is my first visit to Tucson in years... please let any friends you have here know about this show!

MARCH 1-18 - FLORIDA, north, south, east & west!

MARCH 19 - Pittsburgh! (really)

MARCH 30-APRIL 1 ... on tour in the midwest with the amazing JACK ERDIE! Lexington,
Carbondale, Cincinnati & ???

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but mine was really action packed! I started February in Denmark and Sweden. Both countries were hosting Social Forums to coincide with the World Social Forum, which was being held in Caracas, Venezuela.

I participated in panel discussions in both Lund (labor law and workers' rights) and Copenhagen (domestic surveillance and the Patriot Act). The day I arrived in Copenhagen there were demonstrations throughout the country urging respect and tolerance in the wake of the publication of the cartoons. The whole thing seems so crazy and un-Danish. Not that there aren't racist crazies in Denmark who thrive on anti-Muslim sentiments, but most Danes are the essence of tolerance and understanding. It smacks of CIA Cointelpro type activity to me. Some people fear this is an attempt to build up support for campaigns against Iran and Syria.

My concert at Lille Teatern (The Little Theater) in Lund was one of my favorite concerts ever... a terrific audience and a charming room. And the concert at the Danish Social Forum was with a full tilt rock and roll band including Soren Berlev of the legendary Danish band Gasolin on drums.

I went from Scandinavia straight to the Folk Alliance conference in Austin. My union, Local 1000 of the American Federation of Musicians, hosted a concert to benefit the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic and raised over $2000 at the conference. I had great visits with so many old friends, and got to meet and hear the fantastic
Roy Zimmerman. My pal Steve Brooks won the impromptu songwriting contest held there with his tune "Deadeye Dick.' The hilarious and talented Carla Ulbrich also had a terrific song about Cheney's drunken hunting adventure.

I did a quick Texas tour, raising about $1200 for the locked out Boilermakers in Meredosia, IL. Their unemployment benefits ran out recently and they need your help more than ever. Read about this lockout and donate online or by mail to:

Boilermakers Local 484 Solidarity/Defense Fund
P.O. Box258
300 Main Street
Meredosia, IL 62665

Teresa Allen lined up some fabulous work for me with three different UU congregations who hosted me in style in the Woodlands, Stafford and Houston. David Rovics and Nathalie came to my show at the Millbend Coffeehouse and brought their beautiful daughter Leila there to celebrate her two-week birthday. And Laura Freeman's "Broken Hearts' Ball" at the charming Cafe Caffeine in Austin was a night to remember! Darlene Sovran, Myshkin and Sailor, Gena Forsythe, Mary Melena, Elizabeth Suggs, Libby Kirkpatrick, Laura and I had a great time. The full moon inspired us to invite Chris Chandler and David Roe up to perform "Thrift Store Diva," and Laura and I added some harmonies. I had great visits with my friends
Nella Villafranca in Austin and Mary Potter in Dallas.

Tomorrow I'm hiking Sabino Canyon with my old friend Myra Lesser. That should be fun.

Happy 1st Birthday Katelyn Amaya Davis Reed!
Get well soon Cee Cee!

Next month is the Sunshine State! Get ready all you Floridians! I'm looking forward to my visit there. And if you don't live in Florida, I bet you know someone who does... please send them my way! It's all word of mouth folks.

Pat Robertson's public call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez was repulsive, and now the ultra conservative American Family Institute is calling for a boycott of Citgo gasoline...

On their website, they invite you to send an email to President Chavez. I'd like to invite you to sabotage their scheme.

Go to the website and click on "send your letter now"
In the subject line, type BUY CITGO or CITGO FUELS DEMOCRACY--BUY IT

Delete the text in the message box.

Write your own message telling Pres. Chavez that you are buying Citgo in solidarity with the Venezuelan people -- Tell him that you appreciate the 45 million gallons of diesel fuel Citgo has made available at subsidized prices for thousands of low income Americans; that you oppose U.S. govt meddling in Venezuela's affairs; and that you support Venezuela's right to self-determination.

Fill in your name, email address, etc and send.
We can reverse this right wing ploy to undermine the progressive government of Venezuela. FLOOD PRES. CHAVEZ WITH E-MAIL MESSAGES OF SUPPORT


The dozens of campaigns LabourStart has run on the web in the last few years have produced some real results. Trade unionists have been released from prison, sacked activists have been re-hired, unions have won recognition and contracts, and people's lives have been changed forever.

With one click, you can join this informative list.


My son Daniel proposed to his sweetheart Monique Murad over Valentine's weekend and she accepted. I'm so happy! No wedding date set though.

Mary and Tom Weldon will celebrate their 50th anniversary on April 21st.

My niece Kimberly Sever is here in Tucson with me. She's here for the 2006 Dust Devil Roller Derby
. What a lovely surprise!

My cousin Joanne Metcalfe and I have been having a ball together this week. We've seen "Pride and Prejudice," "Capote," and "Mrs. Henderson Presents" (I liked Capote best, but the other two were quite charming). I expect to connect with cousins Jim, Eileen, Maureen and partner Catherine in the next day or so. Joanne and her sons Charlie (22) and Tim Pifer (19) are wonderful and doing very well.

That's all for March! Thanks for your support!