Monday, April 09, 2012


VERY VERY wonderful news for all of us. Bill Oliver, "Mr. Habitat," is going to be in Pittsburgh on Earth Day! I couldn't be more excited.

... so I've decided to host a house concert immediately after our Point Park event. Time permitting, we might even get an early preview of our video... watch the "dailies." I'll have some snacks and drinks, and at 5:30 PM we'll start the house concert at my house. It will be a super kid-friendly show and I expect it to be over around 7 or 7:30, in time for most kids' school-night bedtimes. Something in the $20-25 per family range would be great. All proceeds go to Bill. We're so lucky to have him. Unfortunately, the reason he's here is  because of family illness, or we never would have been able to snag one of the foremost environmental singers in the country for Earth Day.

Bill Oliver - "Mr. Habitat"

Bill Oliver of Austin TX in concert at my house at 5:30PM on April 22nd!  Don't miss it!!!

Spread the word, folks!

Please RSVP by phone or text to (412) 877-6480 if you want to come, and with how many people. I'll give you my address then. I can only accommodate about 40 for this concert, so call early to save a seat.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April 2012 - Special Earth Day Invite Fellow Travelers' Advisory - VOLUME SEVEN, #10

Hi there!
Here's an Earth Day project we can all be part of.  I hope you'll come to the SING OUT we're organizing in Pittsburgh... or better yet, connect with or organize an event of your own wherever you are

Earth Day

You're invited to the
SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012
Noon Pacific Time, 1 p.m. Mountain, 2 p.m. Central, 3 p.m. Eastern

THE MISSION:  To sing “This Land Is Your Land” TOGETHER in the key of D (for consistency) across the nation and at the same time. Videotaped performances from around the country will be used to create a montage of the events.  iPhones, Vimeo cams, flip phones - anything goes!

Pete Seeger, Tom Chapin,  Janis Ian, Toshi Reagon, The Klezmatics and David Amram and many others will lead an Earth Day sing-along in Tarrytown, NY.

Country Joe MacDonald will participate in the Berkeley, CA sing-along.

In Pittsburgh folks will meet in Point Park and sing in front of the fountain (weather permitting) at 3PM sharp - Otherwise, we'll sing under the overpass in Point Park.  Participants are invited to bring kids, musical instruments, terrible towels, costumes (tree, dolphin – use your imagination!), signs, earth flags  … Arrive at the park between 2:15 and 2:30. We’ll warm up/rehearse for about a half hour, and then we’ll start at 3 PM SHARP
It’ll all be over by 3:15 so don’t be late. The more the merrier!

If you can video the event or volunteer in some other capacity – crowd control, writing a new verse, passing out water, song sheets, etc. call Anne Feeney, 412-877-6480.

Spread the word!

Follow this template for your event.  Please try to start singing in they key of D at Noon PDT; 1PM MDT; 2PM CDT; 3PM EDT, 8 PM in Ireland, 9PM in Stockholm/Copenagen,10 PM in Harare... and be sure to film it.  Either post it to youtube, and send the link to, or contact Hali to talk about other ways of getting your video included.

CONTACT:  Anne Feeney, (412) 877-6480


Since I've been sidelined by illness I've been looking for some creative organizing I could do mostly from home. I love my friend Hali Hammer's idea to have a round the world singalong on Earth Day!  It must be more subversive an idea than I thought, too.  The Parks and Recreation Department just declined to allow us to participate in their event because our singalong of This Land is Your Land sounds too political to them!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  The Wisconsin Senate is pushing for felony charges against my pal, labor cartoonist Mike Konopacki.  The right wing of Wisconsin wasn't satisfied with shutting down a political art exhibit and conference on the UW campus, they want to jail Mike Konopacki for his satire!

"Bully" is arriving in the theaters just in time!

I'm hoping to do a little West Coast tour -  Portland - Bay Area - Portland - in July.  July 1st (my birthday and Canada Day!) til the 19th...  for at least part of that tour I might have Mark Ross and/or Pickles (fabulous violin!) with me.

If you want to put a concert together for me or if you know someone who does --- let me know.


I was so touched by the generosity and love showered on me on March 20th by so many many talented jazz and blues greats in Pittsburgh at the Rex Theater!  The sound, lights and food were all fabulous.  The highlight, of course, was the music.  


Janelle Burdell, Etta Cox, Tania Grubbs, Maureen Budway, Jenny Wilson, Donna Peck, Freddye Stover, Sweaty Betty, Sheila Liming and Annie Sutton - truly the jazz & blues royalty of Pittsburgh (although, as my friend Chris Chandler would probably say, 'the blues have no room for monarchy.') And it was such a thrill to see Kenny Blake, Nelson Harrison, Skip Peck, Jeff Grubbs, Dave Yoho, Tom Hoffman, Miguel Sague II and Cha, Alex Peck, Jeff Ingersoll, Chico Ortiz, and so many many more!!

 Endless thanks to all the musicians and especially to Maryellen Deckard and Dave Yoho for their endless hours of hard work putting this together.  And many thanks in advance to Dave Schuilenburg, who's editing the video from the show!

I'm hoping the proceeds from this benefit this will tide me over until I can support myself.  Many thanks to all of you who helped to sponsor this concert, or others.  Many thanks to all of you who have pushed the "DONATE" button at or or bought my CDs or downloaded them at, or just written a good-old-fashioned check to me when the spirit moved you.  My gratitude knows no bounds.  You're extraordinary.


Guy Zahller - Apr 9th, David Rovics - Apr 10th, Laura Daniels - Apr 12th, Joyce Kornbluh - Apr 16th 1928!!, Joey Only - Apr 17th, Karen Newman - 19th, Rosanna Lane - Apr 19th

Julie has gone back to Sweden.  I miss him so much already. Sebastian is still cute..

peek a boo!!

I'll be listening for your voice on April 22nd!  'til next month...

Love and solidarity


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"Anne Feeney is the greatest labor singer in North America." -- Utah Phillips