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March 2013 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - VOLUME EIGHT, Number 9

March 2013 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - VOLUME EIGHT, Number 9

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In this issue:
St Patrick's Day in Pittsburgh
Top Ten Reasons to Come to Ireland with me (second installment)
Ken Whiteley House Concert at my house - April 26th
Interesting Adds to the Inventory
Labor Radio, Labor News, Labor Notes
Run Jeanne, Run!
Family and Friends - March and April Birthdays
The Cost of War

Happy St Patrick's Season!! I tried like hell to get this out before St Patrick's Day, but I was distracted by some of Pittsburgh's finest Irish musicians Guaranteed Irish and Mike Gallagher.

Thousands turn out every year for Pittsburgh's St Patrick's Day parade

Come to  Ireland with me!!

September 29-October 8, 2013

Here are the next three reasons in the 
top ten reasons to go to Ireland with me:

10.  The airfare at the end of September will be at least $300 less than it is in the summer.
  9.  While it tends to rain for a little while almost every day of the year in Ireland, on the average, it rains less than  one tenth of an inch in late September and early October.  No one goes to Ireland for the weather... but September/October sunshine will make it easy to enjoy Ireland.  Check out this link and you can key in the day and year that you'd like the weather forecast for...

I think you'll agree we've picked a good time to go.

 8.  My fabulously talented friend Pol MacAdaim has agreed to come to Westport to visit us, talk about his life in Belfast, and perform magnificent songs on the many traditional instruments that he plays.  You might even get to hear "The Internationale" sung in Irish!
7.   Paddy Downes,  the talented driver of our luxury coach, is also a marvelous bodhran player, step-dancer and turf-cutter.  We will find a way to get him to demonstrate all of his skills.
6.  Your tour includes ALL your breakfasts, ALL your accommodations, ALL admission fees to sponsored attractions, all ground transportation, THREE sumptuous dinners and at least one private concert by a fabulous Irish musician.

5. Western Ireland, where we are touring, is home to the best music and best musicians in Ireland... and we know when they're playing, and where they're playing, and we're your designated drivers!

(The last four best reasons next month.... but seats are moving... if you want one (or two) let me know as soon as you can!  I'd hate for you to miss out - A $750 deposit holds your seat. Email me at - We'll have so much fun!!)

Ken Whiteley in Concert at my house on April 26th!!!!!
7PM, Friday  

"Masterful and amazing!" Tampa Acoustic Music Exchange
Ken Whiteley is a Canadian roots music legend. He has performed at virtually every major folk festival in Canada and a couple of years ago was featured in the Calliope concert series in Pittsburgh.  Among numerous accolades, he has been awarded a Canadian Folk Music Award, Genie Award for Best Original Song in a Canadian film, Lifetime Achievement recognition from the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals and Mariposa Folk Festival. He has also been nominated for 7 Juno awards and 14 Maple Blues Awards. Ken’s live performances showcase lots of audience singing along and his outstanding musicianship on guitar (slide,  6 and 12 string) and mandolin, award winning original songs and his powerful vocals, called "...a cross between Pete Seeger and Tony Bennett on 11!"   With an encyclopedic knowledge of blues, gospel, folk and swing as one critic said, "Good times are guaranteed!"

I'm so excited to have this legendary Canadian performer in my living room  This show will be intimate and unforgettable. I will serve hors d'oeuvres from 6-7 and then we'll begin the show.  I think I can comfortably seat 20 people in my house.  I'm suggesting a $20-25 donation.  If you made it to Ken's Calliope Concert, you know how wonderful this show will be. Help me to get this concert sold out in two weeks! If Ken has never made it on to your musical radar, do NOT miss this chance!!  (If the weather's glorious, we may be able to add another few last minute seats.  call on the day of the show to see if seats are available.)

To reserve a seat and get directions call me at 412-877-6480.

Interesting Adds to My Inventory

The Donegal Woman

My friend John Throne wrote this absorbing book based upon the life of his own grandmother.  Born into poverty in Donegal, as a child she was "hired out" at a hiring fair - a very common form of labor at the turn of the century. While some of the children who were "hired out" were treated well, many were treated like slaves, enduring great cruelty and deprivation. 

Throne offers the story as fiction, the events and circumstances he describes so vividly in the book occurred all too frequently while this institution thrived.  The British had used this hiring fair" system in England from the middle of the 16th century, but it existed in Ireland for less than 300 years, and mostly in Northern Ireland. The book is very moving.

I'll send you a copy for $20 + $1.50 postage/handling.  

Anne Feeney
2240 Milligan Ave
Pittsburgh, PA  15218
This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I'm a huge fan of documentaries.  This is What Democracy Looks Like tells a story that needs be told over and over again until we get it.

Set in Seattle in November of 1999, this film is a collaboration of 100+ videographers who documented the people's uprising against the WTO.  I had a hard time finding it for a while, but just picked up another 50 copies of it.  This film belongs in every activist's library. (The fact that get to sing "Jail for Justice" on film at one of the rallies does not influence my enthusiasm for this documentary...) 

This is a great introduction to corporate globalization, targeted to college-age and up, subtitles in French and Spanish,  also $20 + $1.50 postage and handling.  

Be sure to include YOUR address!
Send the appropriate amount via Paypal to, or by check to:  

More Labor Radio, Labor News, Labor Notes

From Elena Klaver in Boulder:

Dennis Creese, every other Monday 6 PM Mountain Time on KGNU, 88.5 FM, 1390 AM in Denver/Boulder and surroundings, and, alternating with La Lucha Sigue, news form Latin America

From Betsy Pernotto, Jobs with Justice in Bellingham WA:

"There is a local labor radio show in Mount Vernon in Skagit County just south of Bellingham, WA.  The show is We Do the Work produced by Rich Austin, a retired ILWU member, and Janet McKinney, retired Operating Engineer.. They produce a 30 min. weekly show featuring interviews with different union members or on different issues pertinent to labor, such as single-payer.  The radio station is KSVR-FM, Skagit Valley College."

Here is the link:

Internet Radio Fans:
Please tune in to my radio show, "Labor and Love" on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12 noon:
- Labor/social justice news and commentary
- Music of resistance, protest, rebellion and passion
- "Every day is Labor Day" interviews
- Spoken word: speeches and poems
- labor history all at
tune me in!

4 - 5 pm  central time
COMCAST CHANNEL 6 ( UPTV ) and webcast LIVE world-wide at ;

If you know of more Labor Radio Shows (please indicate if they play labor music) please tell me about them.

American Crystal Sugar Lockout

Finally a little good news for the BCTGM in North Dakota... The North Dakota Supreme Court just declared that the 420 North Dakota Workers at American Crystal Sugar are entitled to unemployment benefits. The state's unemployment director says this will mean the workers' split $4 million in unemployment benefits.  The company appears to be wearing down the workers' morale.  These beet sugar processors have been locked out since August 1, 2011. Visit their facebook page and "like" it: or send a message of support, card and/or check to:

BCTGM Local 167G                       
100 N 3rd St. 
Suite 50
GrandForks,ND 58203

Labor Notes

After writing about my disappointment with Labor Notes (  for dropping their music page, I received a patronizing sermon/screed from a staffer.  The staffer has asked me to clarify some points:

Contrary to what I said, Ellis wasn't let go from his position last month .  In fact, according to LN, Ellis has been voluntarily working without pay for over a year!!

The staffer also wrote: "We ran an article about labor fiction and it got more page views than the music page does in a year."  (Except I don't ever remember seeing an article about music in LN - or any promotion of the labor music page)   One would think that it was required that we choose -- books, or music.  This validates my suspicion that culture is one mysterious, superfluous, intimidating lump to them.  I suspect they have "binders full of labor culture."

I find it reprehensible that Labor Notes would permit any volunteer to work as hard and long as Ellis did for a year, often funding expenses of the website from his own pocket.

An article about labor fiction is very important.  But all labor culture is very important. There should be some sort of labor culture page in every issue.

I've been attending Labor Notes Conferences since the early 1990s.  I have performed at more than a dozen Labor Notes conferences ... and I have never been offered a penny of compensation or even in-kind exchange.  None of the other enormously talented musicians I spoke to have ever been paid.   To a person, cultural workers who have donated their time and talent recounted terrible treatment, disrespectful attitudes, humiliating incidents, and woefully  inadequate support for their efforts - NOT from conference attendees, but from the Labor Notes STAFF! A little appreciation would have gone a long way.

Without a vibrant labor culture we'll never win.  Cultural workers should be nourished, nurtured and supported. Cultural workers should be treated with respect.

Unless there is a substantial change in attitude from the Labor Notes staff, I will not sing at any future conferences.  I have taken this matter to my local union and I await their action.

Run, Jeanne, Run!!!

Many of you know Jeanne personally, many more of you know her as the friend who accompanied me to every single doctor visit, was at my side every day in the hospital, and posted the regular updates about my health on

Jeanne is running for City Council in Pittsburgh, and there is no one more qualified for that position than she is.  She has many labor endorsements, including the Building Trades, the Laborers and the Alllegheny County Labor Council.

She has been a leader in our community for decades, always speaking out against racism, sexism, violence against women.  She one of the region's most articulate advocates for women's rights, LGBT rights and labor rights.  I am in awe of her courage and dedication.

To contribute by check please make your check payable to Jeanne PAC and send to:

Jeanne PAC
PO Box 90298
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

If you have any questions or need assistance please call 412-682-2647 Thank you for your support and generosity.

thanks for helping my fabulous friend...

photo: Martha Rial
Family and Friends... March/April Birthdays and more...

Wonderful FL musician and great pal Doug Gauss has had some serious health problems of late.  If you know him, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.  If you don't have his phone number, call me or leave an encouraging message for him on Facebook, or send him a note or card:

Doug Gauss
711 W Lafayette St
Tallahassee FL 32304

And dear Lee Graham - to know him is to love him - had a couple strokes, pneumonia, and blood clots in his lungs.  If you're not a greedy capitalist rat bastard, send him a card...

Lee Graham - 
Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Institute 
4219 S. Western Ave, Room 360
Oklahoma City, OK  73109

Julie comes to Pittsburgh tomorrow.  I'm very excited.  Amy and Mike are house-hunting.  I'm planning a visit to them from April 16 or 17 until the  24th or 25th.  Dan and Monique and Sebastian just had a nice visit with Dan's dad, and my niece Kimberly Anne Sever is on her way to Zimbabwe with her son Casey at this writing. Sebbie sez:  "Daddy, in the daytime it's sunny......... and in the night-time...... it's moony."  My cousin Bill, as many of you know, was passed over to succeed Benedict the XVI as Pope.  I'm hoping that Pope Benedict's retirement inspires Bill to retire too.  He works way too hard.

March Birthdays

Rosanna Lane                                           Mother-of the Bride                                        Shirley Shultz Myers
                 Born April 19th                                                                                                                     Born March 1st

Shirley Shultz Myers and cousin Mary McCahill Madera  - Mar 1st, Wendyl Jay - Mar 10th,  cousin Griffin Lane McCahill - Mar 13th, Rob Shepherd - Mar 14th,  Ron March - 15th, Tom Weldon - Mar 17th, John Cunningham - Mar 20th, Bette Jacobson - Mar 26th,  Martha Shunn - Mar 27th, Mary Weldon - Mar 29th, Kelly Grefenstette - Mar 31st  

and guessing that I'll be late with April ... there's my comrade from the 2009  Irish adventures Guy Zahller - Apr 9th, the extraordinary David Rovics (http://David -Apr 10th,  killer piano player and vocalist , Laura Daniels - Apr 12th, iconic labor historian  Joyce Kornbluh born Apr 16 1928 - 85 years old!,  Canadian rockabilly punk hellraiser, Joey Onley  (now known as "Willow's daddy" ) is 35 on Apr 17th, Karen Newman and Rosanna Lane on Apr 19th.                                                                                                   

If you go to the website below you can see how much our 

wars have cost us since I started writing this newsletter a 

week ago. 

Cost of U.S. Wars Since 2001
Cost of War in Afghanistan
Cost of War in Iraq
that was at 1:04PM on Monday March 11- click on the link to see
the current cost of war.