Thursday, June 28, 2007

Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - JULY 2007, VOLUME THREE, #4

Victoria, BC
Dear Folks:

Thanks for reading my news... Your support and interest in my music
make my work possible, and I really appreciate it.

This has been a month of the highest highs and lowest lows. My heart
is overflowing with joy for my son and his wonderful bride - the
wedding was unforgettable...

The food, the dancing, the merriment - tremendous! a great gathering
of family and friends. I really hope to have some pictures to put on
the blog soon.

And my heart is breaking from the loss of a dear friend to us all,
whether you knew him or not.. I hope you'll take a minute to read
about my friend Berk Snow.

It's been my privilege to work with some amazing activists in this
last month... at the National Organization of Legal Services Workers
and the Hospital Employees Union of British Columbia ... I still
have two union summer schools ahead of me - always sources of
inspiration - and the 2008 tours of Ireland will be fantastic... and
if you're in or near Seattle, or know someone who is, send them to two
last minute add on concerts on June 30th and July 5th



In this issue:



COOS BAY, OR - cancelled... hope to see you in

Details of these and all my upcoming dates appear below and
continuously update at my tourdates page



DETROIT AUGUST 4th or 5th -



I have a myspace space too... with some cool videos, downloads and

Please forward any or all of this to your friends.

You can sign up for the Fellow Travelers' Advisory at one of my
concerts, or at my website.


I was utterly devastated to get the news that my dear friend Berk
Snow died suddenly and tragically on the 14th of June. Berk was the
host of Wild River Radio on KMUD-FM in Garberville, California. I
first met him on tour with Connie Cohen in January of 1993. We became
instant friends. Berk was a powerful spirit and a truly gentle man -
a vibrant voice and extraordinary and generous supporter of community
radio, the environment, and political songwriters and activists.

He also loved to fly. On June 14th he and his life partner,
companion and true love of more than 30 years - Suzanne Beers -
were on a short pleasure flight in Berk's single engine Cessna 172.
The plane crashed in a canyon in wildest Idaho, near the Oregon

Even though he lived for several hours after the crash, our dear Berk
never regained consciousness. Miraculously, his beloved Suzanne
sustained only moderate compression fractures of her spine and some
relatively minor cuts. Suzanne then survived four days and three
nights in this rugged and isolated terrain until she was spotted by a
rescue team, and evacuated to safety.

Berk was a year younger than I - Additional details and photos are
posted at the KMUD website -- Berk touched the lives of so many people
- in his home community in Humboldt, at Folk Alliance, at the National
Association of Community Broadcasters, at the Kerrville Folk Festival,
at Burning Man, at the Oregon Country Fair, and throughout the world
of community radio and political activism.

Our community has sustained a terrible loss. My heart breaks for
Suzanne, and all those who loved Berk.


I was so disappointed that my CDs didn't arrive in time for the NOLSW
convention in Las Vegas... But they're easy to get online... or by
calling 1.800.BUY.MY.CD .. I hope you'll stock up on my CDs now... It
sure was inspiring to be at your convention!! Your hospitality was

CDBaby has all my CDs. It's a great company - providing super
customer service and great treatment of artists and employees. Click
on to listen to and buy my

(by the way, Amazon is a terrible place to buy music and books. They
give authors and artists a terrible deal. Powell's is a great book source.)

digital download

ANNE FEENEY: Have You Been to Jail for Justice?
digital download

ANNE FEENEY: Look to the Left
digital download

ANNE FEENEY: Heartland
digital download

ANNE FEENEY: If I Can't Dance
Digital download

ANNE FEENEY: Original Recordings
digital download only



On June 21st funding for the School of the Americas was authorized by
a mere 6 votes... We get closer than ever to closing that monstrosity.
203 members of Congress supported the amendment to cut off funding...
the most ever!

Check to read about the United States' terrorist
training camp. At there is a
clickable link to find out how your member of Congress voted.

See you at Fort Benning November 16-18th... I just found out that the
Prince Myshkins will be there this year, and I think Chris Chandler
has Peter Yarrow convinced to come...



The Hospital Employees Union of British Columbia, Canada, won a huge
victory when the Canadian Supreme Court announced that Collective
Bargaining is a human right guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms. The 6-1 decision declares as unconstitutional
the infamous Bill 29, which stripped Canadian hospital workers of
their collective bargaining rights and provided for massive layoffs
and contracting out in health care.

I got a chance to perform at the Hospital Employees Union summer
school and had a fantastic time with this terrific group of
activists. I wrote a song for the convention called "We Fought Back."
I'll be posting the lyrics and, I hope, an mp3 to the blog soon.


NORTHLAND POSTER COLLECTIVEis the "Mall of the Other America..."

Check out this fabulous worker-owned collective's great selection of
posters, bumper-stickers, tee shirts, baby items, mugs and more...


Most of you are very familiar with my love of Ireland, Irish music,
politics and poetry... Many of you wrote to say that you wished you
could have come along on my 2006 tour of Ireland. I'm very pleased to
report that you are all invited to come along on my 2008 tours of

I will be leading these tours with my trusty Irish partner Tom Pigott
from Limerick who has been in the tour business for many years and is
also a great singer. We travel in a comfortable 25 seater coach. We
stay 3 nights in one town, 2 in another, 3 in another, and our last
evening back near the Shannon airport. We stay in small hotels and an
occasional B & B.

By day we will visit the many points of interest in Ireland -
museums, ruins, abbeys, castles and so much more... And by night we
share music with local Irish singers and players. Some original
music, some traditional, and many songs by yours truly -- and any
others from our group who may wish to share a song or two.

There's lots of great music in the pubs in Doolin, Country Clare.
Trips to County Clare include the Cliffs of Moher, and the the
dramatic landscapes of The Burren. Also in County Galway is the
beautiful Connemara area and the village of Clifden. Some trips
include a a boat ride to Inishbofin island where time has stood
still. Gorgeous walking along one lane roads around the island.

Cost is $1750 per person based on double occupancy. We will do our
best to match up roommates if preferred. Single rooms are an
additional $200 total per person for all 9 nights. The fee also
includes all ground transportation, all lodging and full wonderful
Irish breakfasts each day. We also provide 3 evening group meals, and
the cost for our featured Irish musicians, poets, writers, etc.

You pay for your own flights to and from Shannon International
airport. (If we have 20 people willing to get to Philadelphia or
Boston or JFK, I will look into arranging a discounted flight as
well.) You'll also have to pay for all lunches, 6 dinners on your
own, and drinks tips, etc.

If you decide to join us, I'll need a 50% deposit by December 20th
(what a great Christmas/holiday present to each other!) and the
balance two months prior to departure.

Ireland does require a passport.

So let me know if you want to join us.

I'm looking forward to sharing Ireland with as many of you as
possible. If there's something in particular that would really appeal
to you, let me know, and we'll try to work it in. Thanks for the

Here are some dates that look good to me for the tour:

May 9-18, 2008
June 20-29, 2008
August 17-26th, 2008

Any questions? .Just ask.



The big news of June was Monique and Dan's wedding. As soon as
pictures are available, I'll post the link. The eating, drinking and
dancing were outstanding. The ceremony was very touching. Monique
was gorgeous. Dan was handsome and eloquent. The bridesmaids were
lovely, the groomsmen charming. All the inlaws and outlaws got along
famously. We enjoyed the Pasadena scenery, weather and hospitality.

and my Aunt Claire O'Connor was fabulously surprised when my sister
Kathleen and I showed up in Aiken SC to celebrate her 88th birthday.
Photos are up at my blog very very soon...

July birthdays include

me... July 1
Eileen Metcalfe... July 14th??
Erin Grefenstette ... July 18th?
Monique Murad ... July 23rd
Karen and Jim McCahill ... July 27th??
Joanne Metcalfe ... July 28th??

c'mon cousins ... let's get all the information in so I can get to
work on that family directory... send me birthdays, anniversaries,
addresses, email addresses, blogs, jpegs, phone numbers

The Big Jim Golf Invitational took place the same weekend as Dan and
Monique's wedding... I'm still awaiting the details of that family

I'm hoping to get a day or two with all the McCahill cousins at their
beach vacation ... more later.

And congratulations to my pal Julius Margolin on receiving this
year's Joe Hill Award from the Labor Heritage Foundation!



The Yes Men Snafu Oil Giants at Largest Petrol Industry Trade Show in Canada
The Yes Men have struck again! In a brilliant performance on June 15,
Yes Men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno posed as oil executives at the
GO-EXPO, Canada's largest oil industry trade show which was held at
Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta.

This year's conference attracted more than more than 20,000 visitors
and exhibitors from around the world.

Here is the Yes Men's priceless press release for the event:

June 14, 2007

Conference organizer fails to have Yes Men arrested

Imposters posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC)
representatives delivered an outrageous keynote speech to 300 oilmen
at GO-EXPO, Canada's largest oil conference, held at Stampede Park in
Calgary, Alberta, today.

The speech was billed beforehand by the GO-EXPO organizers as the
major highlight of this year's conference, which had 20,000
attendees. In it, the "NPC rep" was expected to deliver the
long-awaited conclusions of a study commissioned by US Energy
Secretary Samuel Bodman. The NPC is headed by former ExxonMobil CEO
Lee Raymond, who is also the chair of the study.

In the actual speech, the "NPC rep" announced that current U.S. and
Canadian energy policies (notably the massive, carbon-intensive
exploitation of Alberta's oil sands, and the development of liquid
coal) are increasing the chances of huge global calamities. But he
reassured the audience that in the worst case scenario, the oil
industry could "keep fuel flowing" by transforming the billions of
people who die into oil.

"We need something like whales, but infinitely more abundant," said
"NPC rep" "Shepard Wolff" (actually Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men),
before describing the technology used to render human flesh into a
new Exxon oil product called Vivoleum. 3-D animations of the process
brought it to life.

"Vivoleum works in perfect synergy with the continued expansion of
fossil fuel production," noted "Exxon rep" "Florian Osenberg" (Yes
Man Mike Bonanno). "With more fossil fuels comes a greater chance of
disaster, but that means more feedstock for Vivoleum. Fuel will
continue to flow for those of us left."

The oilmen listened to the lecture with attention, and then lit
"commemorative candles" supposedly made of Vivoleum obtained from the
flesh of an "Exxon janitor" who died as a result of cleaning up a
toxic spill. The audience only reacted when the janitor, in a video
tribute, announced that he wished to be transformed into candles
after his death, and all became crystal-clear.

At that point, Simon Mellor, Commercial & Business Development
Director for the company putting on the event, strode up and
physically forced the Yes Men from the stage. As Mellor escorted
Bonanno out the door, a dozen journalists surrounded Bichlbaum, who,
still in character as "Shepard Wolff," explained to them the
rationale for Vivoleum.

"We've got to get ready. After all, fossil fuel development like that
of my company is increasing the chances of catastrophic climate
change, which could lead to massive calamities, causing migration and
conflicts that would likely disable the pipelines and oil wells.
Without oil we could no longer produce or transport food, and most of
humanity would starve. That would be a tragedy, but at least all those
bodies could be turned into fuel for the rest of us."

"We're not talking about killing anyone," added the "NPC rep." "We're
talking about using them after nature has done the hard work. After
all, 150,000 people already die from climate-change related effects
every year. That's only going to go up - maybe way, way up. Will it
all go to waste? That would be cruel."

Security guards then dragged Bichlbaum away from the reporters, and
he and Bonanno were detained until Calgary Police Service officers
could arrive. The policemen, determining that no major infractions
had been committed, permitted the Yes Men to leave.

Canada's oil sands, along with "liquid coal," are keystones of Bush's
Energy Security plan. Mining the oil sands is one of the dirtiest
forms of oil production and has turned Canada into one of the world's
worst carbon emitters. The production of "liquid coal" has twice the
carbon footprint as that of ordinary gasoline. Such technologies
increase the likelihood of massive climate catastrophes that will
condemn to death untold millions of people, mainly poor.

"If our idea of energy security is to increase the chances of climate
calamity, we have a very funny sense of what security really is,"
Bonanno said. "While ExxonMobil continues to post record profits,
they use their money to persuade governments to do nothing about
climate change. This is a crime against humanity."

"Putting the former Exxon CEO in charge of the NPC, and soliciting
his advice on our energy future, is like putting the wolf in charge
of the flock," said "Shepard Wolff" (Bichlbaum). "Exxon has done more
damage to the environment and to our chances of survival than any
other company on earth. Why should we let them determine our

Runner up Belly Laugh of the Month:

Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'

That's it for a very big news month! Write and let me know what
you're up to...


Here's the tour:

Thursday, June 28th, 2007 8:00 PM
Water St
Port Townsend, WA
Price: your generous tips!

Friday, June 29th, 2007 8:00 PM
Whatcom Peace and Justice Center
100 E Maple Street
Bellingham, WA 98227
(360) 734-0217
Price: $10-20 suggested
co-sponsored by Bellingham Friends of Cuba, Jobs with Justice and
Whatcom Peace and Justice Center

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 7:00 PM
House Concert
in the Maple Leaf neighborhood
Seattle, WA
Price: $10-20 suggested
Celia is the contact
PLEASE reserve a seat soon so we know how to plan the evening!

Sunday, July 1st, 2007 9:00 AM
2007 Summer School for Union Women and Community Activists
The Evergreen State College Labor Center

2700 Evergreen Parkway
Olympia, WA 98505
email Nina Triffleman at

Sunday, July 1st, 2007 8:00 PM
Adam & Kris and I do the big Canada Day + Anne's Birthday Show at
Sam Bond's Garage

Eugene, OR

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 9:30 PM
with Adam and Kris!!!
Alberta Street Pub

1036 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211
Price: $10
Acoustic Music Venue/Non-smoking Bar
21 and over. Sorry, no minors

Thursday, July 5th, 2007 7:00 PM
Fundraiser for Joe Szwaja
Joe Szwaja and Debra Morrison's House

2021 NE 75th Street
Seattle, WA
(206) 523-3656
Price: your generous donations
Joe and Debra have graciously opened their home to Jobs with Justice
for fundraising concerts on past visits to Seattle. I am so pleased
to be able to return their generosity and assist Joe with his
campaign for City Council. Joe will be a terrific member of Council.
Come meet him and decide for yourself! Bring a generous campaign

Friday, July 6th, 2007 8:00 PM
Cafe Mundo
NW Coast and 2nd St
Newport, OR

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 7:00 PM
**CANCELLED** Anne Feeney in Concert
Ric's Posto Bella
161 Anderson Avenue
Coos Bay, OR 97420

(541) 260-0868
Price: $10 suggested
Many thanks to Ric and Joan for their understanding. My dear friend
Berk Snow's Memorial Service is this date in Garberville, CA - I will
be going there on the 8th... I hope to see you all at Ric's on the
next tour... I hope you'll head up the coast for my Bandon show...

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 8:00 PM
House Concert!
Ken and Janet Bates' place
89569 Sunny Loop Lane
Bandon, OR 97411
Price: $10-20
email for more info and reservations

Thursday, July 12th, 2007 7:00 PM
Anne Feeney "Sing for Justice" Library Concert
The Library Bromley Room-Siuslaw Public Library
1460 9th St
Florence, OR 97439
997-3132 (Library)- other: 997-2
Price: $donation for justice

Friday, July 13th, 2007 12:15 PM
Blue Moon Stage
Oregon Country Fair
Veneta, OR

Friday, July 13th, 2007 5:00 PM
At the Rabbit Hole
Oregon Country Fair

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 12:30 PM
Hoarse Chorale
Oregon Country Fair

Saturday, July 14th, 2007 4:00 PM
Kesey Stage/Dancing Maple Theater
Oregon Country Fair

Sunday, July 15th, 2007 2:00 PM
Chez Ray's
Oregon Country Fair

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 7:00 PM
Summer Institute for Union Women
UC Clark Kerr Conference Center
2601 Warring St
Berkeley, CA
Contact: Karen Navarro
Phone: (510) 643-0910

Saturday, July 21st, 2007 7:00 PM
SEIU 415 Hall
11-H Alexander
Watsonville, CA
Price: $10-20 suggested
Amy Newell is coordinating

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 10:15 AM
Live on "Please Stand By"
KPIG-FM - streaming live

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 8:00 PM
Anne Feeney with special guest Jon Fromer!
La Pena Cultural Center

3105 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
Price: $10
Please please spread the word on this one!

Monday, August 6th, 2007 8:00 PM
USWA Health & Safety Conference
Hyatt Regency
Dearborn, MI

Wednesday, August 10th- 12th, 2007 8:00 PM
Buried: The Story of the Sago Mine Disaster
Jerry Starr's Play in Production!
San Diego, CA
more info soon

Friday, August 17th, 2007 8:00 PM
The Wonderful Four Shillings Short with Anne Feeney
and special guest Martin (Barney) McElhone (of The Bards!)
Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church
416 W North Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Price: $15 suggested
I'm so excited to bring this fabulous duo to Pittsburgh! Don't miss
this show. Advance tickets via email after July 23rd using secure
Paypal, VISA/MC or AMEX or Disc - email

Always confirm with the venue before heading out for a show. Hope to
see you all soon somewhere!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'

Hank Plante

(CBS 5) BERKELEY A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military spending said it uncovered a strange U.S. military proposal to create a hormone bomb that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting.

Pentagon officials on Friday confirmed to CBS 5 that military leaders had considered, and then subsquently rejected, building the so-called "Gay Bomb."

Click on the headline above to read the whole strange story! What will The Onion do if truth continues to be this much stranger than fiction?