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February 2013 - Anne Feeney's Fellow Travelers' Advisory - VOLUME EIGHT, Number 8

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Welcome to Anne Feeney's February Fellow Travelers' Advisory... a monthly compendium of labor news, updates for activists, family news, and news about my music, life and work. Thanks for staying in touch.  It means a lot to me.

music from Mike Stout, Video from Bev Grant!
and more...


Public Hearing on Fracking at Pittsburgh International Airport

Date:  Feb. 7, 2013
Time:  6 p.m.
Location:  Robert Morris University, 119 Campus Dr. Sewall Center International room, Moon Township, PA

We need to PACK this hearing!

Register to speak
 no later than 24 hours prior to the hearing. Register by phone or online:
412-350-6490 /

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald will introduce legislation to affirm a 30 year contract between the County Airport Authority and Consol Energy to begin Shale Gas Extraction Operations (“Fracking”) at BOTH Pittsburgh International in Moon Twp. and the County Airport in West Mifflin Borough.

This is the ONLY hearing scheduled.  There are no plans, as of yet, to have additional hearings in any Allegheny County municipalities – not even those surrounding either of these airports.  Individuals and local groups concerned about the impact of hydraulic fracturing at the airports will have on the people and businesses surrounding the driling are making every effort to get the word out on this hearing to Allegheny County residents.

Lots of money 
No public participation 
No Environmental Studies (either built nor natural)
No public health risk assessments

 Is this what democracy looks like?

Listen to my pal Mike Stout's wonderful  STOP the Frack ATTACK

Listen to, and watch, my pal Bev Grant's terrific wonderful  STOP the Frack ATTACK


Our public schools are staggering under massive state budget cuts. Students in Pennsylvania have lost almost 20,000 of their teachers in the past two years. Our kids have lost music, art, library, languages, tutoring programs, full-day Kindergarten and more. Here in Southwest PA, our children are sitting in classes with 35 and even 39 students. And this year they will take even more high-stakes, standardized tests, spending several months of the school year on nothing but test prep and test taking. Enough is enough!

Sunday, February 10, 2013  at 3PM
LOCATION: Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
This is about equity, social justice, and a great public education for all our children.

Join hundreds of other volunteer parents, students, teachers, and concerned community members who have been making a real difference in the grassroots movement for our public schools as we:
• celebrate what we've achieved this past year working together
• respond to Gov. Corbett's new budget proposal (which he will announce on Feb. 5th)
• issue a Call to Action for our public schools

• performances by Anne Feeney, the Squirrel Hillbillies, and more!
• community conversation with Dr. Tim Slekar (head of the education department at Penn State Altoona, host of the education radio program At the Chalkface, and a national leader of United Opt Out)
• special free showing of the new pro-public education documentary, "Brooklyn Castle," under special arrangement with the producers

5941 Penn AvenuePittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206


Join me in Ireland, September 29-October 8th
I've been traveling regularly to Ireland since 1977.  When I tell my friends about my Irish adventures they invariably say, “Oh, I wish I could have been with you!”  Well, now’s your chance.  Ireland is such an interesting country.  Its extraordinary natural beauty, colonial history, ancient traditions, cultural heritage, beautiful music, friendly and charming people ... and now – thank goodness! – excellent cuisine and good coffee.

Cost is $2250 per person based on double occupancy (two to a room).  $2600 for single room rate (single rooms are filled). Cost covers nine nights’ lodging, ground transportation in our luxury coach,  all breakfasts, three group dinners, music, island ferries, and heritage centers.
You make and pay for your own flight arrangements.  You may wish to come in a few days or a couple weeks early, or stay on after the tour.  Your choice.  Our tour does not include your lunches, the other six evening meals, your beverages or tips.  All tours begin at Shannon Airport (SNN) - 30 miles north of Limerick in west Ireland.

I strongly encourage you, if at all possible, to arrive the day before the tour begins.  We'll be happy to arrange a lovely B&B for you in Bunratty, near Shannon Airport.  Our luxury coach will pick you up there after your delicious full Irish breakfast. You'll get a chance to meet some of our tourmates, perhaps have a pint at Durty Nelly's - the legendary Irish Pub.  Or, if you want to try the medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle, you may find it very enjoyable.

I’m so happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call, email or text me with any questions you have.  If I don’t know or can’t make up a plausible answer, I’ll find out for you immediately.
A 2008 tour visits the "Quiet Man" bridge in the village of Cong

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Ireland with me:

10.  The airfare at the end of September will be at least $300 less than it is in the summer.

  9.  While it tends to rain for a little while almost every day of the year in Ireland, on the average, it rains less than  one tenth of an inch in late September and early October.  No one goes to Ireland for the weather... but September/October sunshine will make it easy to enjoy Ireland.  Check out this link and you can key in the day and year that you'd like the weather forecast for...
I think you'll agree we've picked a good time to go.
The Cliffs of Moher
 8.  My fabulously talented friend Pol MacAdaim has agreed to come to Westport to visit us, talk about his life in Belfast, and perform magnificent songs on the many traditional instruments that he plays.  You might even get to hear "The Internationale" sung in Irish!

(More reasons next month.... but I only have 9 seats left... if you want one (or two) let me know as soon as you can!)


Over the years, one of my favorite sources for news about the labor movement is LABOR NOTES  Their bi-annual conferences draw activists in the labor movement from all over the world.  I have performed at the Labor Notes conference for many years, along with lots of my favorite labor cultural luminaries.  We all tend to leave every conference energized by the work of the wonderful rank and file activists who attend, but somewhat shell-shocked by the general disdain of the Labor Notes staff for labor music, art and humor. I can't imagine the civil rights movement, the women's movement or the labor movement without music, but apparently Labor Notes can.  They summarily dismissed staff member Ellis Boal from managing the music page on the Labor Notes website last month.  It's a body-blow to the many wonderful labor musicians who have come at their own expense year after year and donated their talents and time to make sure that the convention reflected labor's rich cultural history.

Nonetheless, labor culture survives on the airwaves and on the web.


This from my pal Michael Funke: Tune in THE RADICAL SONGBOOK, streaming live every Friday from 10 am to noon Pacific Time and archived at Songs of protest, rebellion, solidarity and social significance from all eras and genres. Hosted by Michael Funke, retired union editor and community organizer, in Bend, Oregon.  From Woody Guthrie to Anne Feeney, Paul Robeson to Tom Morello, and all points in between and beyond. Email requests to and I'll get your song on air. Can music change the world? Tune in and find out! Radio Power to the People, Right On!

Ron Gonyea and Turner Wright produce VOICES AT WORK, airing on Fridays at 8:30PM CST, featuring great labor music and news on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston and streaming live (and also archived)  at .  

Since 1989 Judy Ancel's fabulous HEARTLAND LABOR FORUM has been speaking truth to power at KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City, on Thursdays at 6PM CST and streaming live (and archived)  at   You may remember my appeal on behalf of Judy Ancel when she successfully fought off a Breitbart attack in April of 2011.

Lane Poncy and the Labor Collective produce LABOR RADIO on KBOO fm in Portland, OR - also archived and streaming live on the web. Charles Showalter's Union Edge streams labor music continuously at

David Beaton at  Sarasota's WSLR -

Bob Howell hosts "The Real Thing" on  KMUZ Wednesdays from 3-5 PST Wednesdays at 9AM PST, KSKQ features one of my favorite labor warriors - Wes Brain - on the Brain Labor Report ... news and music for the Pacific Northwest.

Thursdays at 3PM you can pick up   "Boiling Point" in Cincinnati, WAIF 88.3 streaming live at know I'm forgetting a bunch of wonderful folks.  

I know I missed some wonderful labor shows... it's 4:45AM right now and I have to send this and go to bed.

If you know of a good labor radio show, please go to and leave a comment, or to and leave a message.

Maybe someone with a good calendar program could print up a schedule ... I'd get my favorite union printer to put out some copies and mail them (or email them) to all interested parties, and of course distribute them at my gigs.


1 - Jeff Davis, Joe Jencks, Nancy Gavrilis
2 - Dave Elsila, Doug Riggs, Liana Kennedy
3-  Kevin Weldon, Arpie Maros, Mike Meadows, Raina Rose
4 - Marcie Woodruff, Phil Harris
5 - Christina Hurt, Tarmo Hannula
6 - Bob Hollis, Bob Weiser, Faith Nolan, Meta Nilsson, Steve Eulberg
7 - Andy Gricevich, Ryan Grefenstette, Deb E Dee, Per Fagereng
8 - Dionna Hatch, Isabella Jib, Joan Suarez, Melanie Crawford
9 - Allegra Broughton, Andy Antipin, Jan Luby, Michael Barrett, Michael Crouch
     Tom Baxter
10-John DiLeonardo, Llouise Altes
11-Jon Christian McCahill, Priscilla Herdman, Slim Richey
12-Chris Darling, Michele Solberg, Nick Kokoshis
13-Jon Robison, Andy Fite
14-Al Benchich, Jason Leonard
15-Joe McCahill, Baldemar Velasquez, Bruce McClellan
16-Diana Payne, Jarrod Kaplan, Ruth Ruttenberg
17-Kat Eggleston
18-Alma Speed Fox, feminist shero in Pittsburgh!, SONiA, Jen Harris, Jeff  T
19-Mixie McCafferty, Tom Payne
20-Eric Schwartz, Jeanine Malito, Padraig O'Hara, Sala Udin
21-Benjamin McCahill, Cathy Gould, Greg Artzner, Nancy Schimmel
22-Anabel Blanco, Barbara Finch, Martin Foster Swinger, Mary Melena
23-Django Porter
24-Ross Chapman, Allen Ruff, Aurora Levins Morales, Bill Gorrell
25-Amy Niehouse, Barney McElhone, Marcy Marxer, Pat Cleere
26-Jay Schaffner, Marcie Boyd, Mayer Shevin
27-Charlie Anderson, Lara Shepard-Blue, Rick Burkhardt
28-Grace Park, Karen Ritter

Dan and Sebastian will join me at the Kerrville Folk Festival the first weekend and part of week one. YAY!  My grandson running around QVR ... They'll be flying into Dulles with Mamacita Monique, who's not too excited about camping in TX in her delicate condition.  We'll have a joyful reunion with her in DC after our KFF adventure.

Amy and Mike are back from their working honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise ship.

Julie and I are back on Skype instead of up close and personal

Because I have been disabled for more than two years I'm now eligible for Medicare. It will mean better coverage for $2000 less per year!  It couldn't happen at a better time.  Things have been pretty lean around here lately.

Still no word from The Learning Channel about when Amy's segment will air.  I'll keep you posted.  

Thanks for tuning in!  See you next month.