Sunday, November 30, 2003

SCR archives: Issue 1, 1996- Anne Feeney Sounds Celebrating Resistance
An Interview with Labor Activist and Musican Anne Feeney
One of the folks who is indirectly responsible for this magazine idea ever coming to fruition is Anne Feeney. She may not even realize the role she played in its creation, but you can go ahead and pin the blame on her if you don't like what I'm doing.

The story goes something like this: I start this radio show called Sounds Celebrating Resistance. Some folks who find out about it via the wacky internet and send me stuff to play on the show. At this point the magazine was pretty much just a fuzzy 'wouldn't it be cool to do something like that' idea with no real substance behind it. But then a woman named Anne Feeney sent me a couple of her CD's and I was so impressed with her political artistry and so bothered that this woman was doing such great work and I had never heard about it before. I figured other folks who hadn't heard about her probably should so I decided I would go ahead and do this magazine as a way of helping to spread the word and recognize some great political music makers. And so I did.
AUD's 'Best Rank-and-File Website' Contest - Using the Internet to Organize for Democracy and Power
deadline for entry is 12/30/03
Overview: The theme of AUD's 'Best Rank-and-File Website' contest is using the internet to organize for democracy and power. There are now hundreds of independent rank-and-file websites in North America operated by individual union members or reform groups. By holding this contest we hope to accomplish three things: 1) to spotlight the great work that rank-and-file webstewards are doing and make their work known to a broader audience, 2) to promote the use of the internet as an organizing tool for union reformers, and 3) to encourage discussion among rank-and-file webstewards about what works and what doesn't -- both technically and in terms of organizing -- so we can all be more effective.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Seeger highlights rally singers By Brad Barnes
Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger's coming, and he's bringing some friends.

Some 10 musicians and bands are scheduled to perform Saturday during the six-hour rally held by the SOA Watch at the gates of Fort Benning.

Augmenting folk staples like Anne Feeney, David Rovics and the Prince Myshkins duo are hip-hop artists and performance dance groups.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Wage Peace & Justice
'Have You Been to Jail for Justice?' sound track snippet and photos

Singer, songwriter Anne Feeney

Sunday, November 16, 2003

The Miami Herald Churchill's will host a three-day music oriented rally Nov. 18-20 to coincide with the World Trade Zone protests in Miami. Each night centers around a different genre. Nov. 18 promises hip-hop and electronica; Nov. 19 political punk and underground speakers, and Nov. 20 acoustic/spoken word featuring Flying Poetry Circus singer Anne Feeney and her poet partner Chris Chandler.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

‘Free Speech’ fight draws on militant history By J.A. Thompson
People's Weekly World Newspaper, 10/22/03
HOMESTEAD, Pa. – With post-9/11 attacks on civil liberties running amok, nearly a hundred marchers poured out of the historic Carnegie Library here recently, heading off on a “Free Speech March” where they would stop along the way to honor three women who made a difference for worker rights and civil liberties in the early 20th century.

Led by folk singer and hell-raiser Anne Feeney, the marchers filled the cool, autumn air with defiant labor chants and songs. Several of the marchers noted the irony of having assembled in the library that the robber baron Andrew Carnegie donated to the community shortly after crushing a steelworkers strike in 1892.

After passing century-old ethnic churches that tower over nearly every street corner in this former steel town, the marchers stopped at the intersection of 9th and Amity, where two state historical markers were dedicated in honor of legendary labor organizer Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and Frances Perkins, the first woman cabinet member and longest-serving U.S. Secretary of Labor.

The borough council had designated the intersection as “Free Speech Corner” last spring in recognition of the important struggles for labor and civil liberties that took place here, and in anticipation of the marker dedication ceremony.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

The Muse and Whirled Retort November 2003
On Halloween I cynically remarked that tomorrow starts the Christmas shopping season, and I'll be damned if the next day we didn't startseeing Christmas decorations along the thin highways of fat America. Have you seen the battery-operated Nativity scene they have for sale in all the truck stops? Baby Jesus wiggles in the manger, while Mary and Joseph do the Watusi as the three wise men sing "Heard It Through the Grapevine?"

What would Jesus buy?

So with that in mind Christmas season is right around the corner and there is only one Whirled Retort between now and Christmas so.. here's a Christmas gift idea – how about a copy of "Live From the Wholly Stolen Empire"? It is a great gift idea for your teenaged children that think you listen to too much Pete Seeger. Or that annoying uncle that quotes Sean Hannity at holiday meal time. Or the newspaper boy who wrote the website to the New York Times in magic marker on the side of your mail box. You can have our latest CD rushed to your house by clicking:

BY Chris Chandler
Washington, DC