Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sing Out for Single Payer Road Show Update #1

The road show began in Los Angeles at Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians hall. The gorgeous room was decorated with banners from the many sponsors of that evening's concert. The show featured Jason Luckett, Eric Schwartz, Joyce Woodson, Dave Crossland and me, with Freebo on bass and tuba and MB Gordy on percussion. We were joined by surprise special guests Chris Chandler and Dan Bern in the second set.

The tour is too hectic for me to do a detailed diary of the dates so far - but here are some images...

Here is Roy Zimmerman singing his hilarious health care song, "DEAR NUMBER 1036924053887" at the 33 revolutions cafe in El Cerrito in a show presented by the Greens of Contra Costa County.

Here is Malvina Reynold's daughter Nancy Schimmel leading us in song at the El Cerrito concert. Seated from L to R - me, Roy Zimmerman, Aileen Vance, Jason Luckett, Peter Straus, Hali Hammer and (hidden) Jon Fromer.

Here's Jon, getting ready to play "It's Gonna Take Us All."

Jason Luckett is "stirring it up" with his music.