Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hey Ronnie Reagan! on SoundClick

Anne Feeney - free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick

Ok folks -- by popular demand... Download Hey Ronnie Reagan at Soundclick ...

have fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz

Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz

Twenty Questions: An Eye-Opening Social Justice Quiz
(Click the link above for the Answers)

by Bill Quigley

1. In 1968 the minimum wage was $1.60 per hour. How much would the minimum wage be today if it had kept pace with inflation?

2. In 1965, CEOs in major companies made 24 times more than the average worker. In 2003, CEOs earned how many times more than the average worker?

3. The US is composed of 3,066 counties. In how many of the nation's 3,066 counties can someone who works full-time and earns the federal minimum wage afford to pay rent and utilities on a one-bedroom apartment?

4. How much must the typical US worker must earn per hour hour if they dedicate 30% of their income to housing costs.

5. How many million workers in the US earn poverty-level wages of less than $8.20 an hour?

6. What are Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Tennessee?

7. What are Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia?

8. In 2001, the average financial wealth for black householders was about what % of the average for white households?

9. The median financial wealth for blacks is how much of the corresponding figure for whites?

10. Over the entire 28 year history of the Berlin Wall, 287 people perished trying to cross it. In the ten years since the Clinton administration implemented the current U.S. border strategy with Mexico, how many people have died trying to cross?

11. Where does the US rank worldwide in the imprisonment of its citizens?

12. In 2004, the direct reported US military budget was how much for each second of the year?

13. In 2003, the US military budget was how many times larger than the Chinese budget, the second largest spender?

14. In 2003, the US military budget was how many times as large as the combined spending of the seven so-called "rogue" states (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria)?

15. The difference in income per head between the richest nation and the poorest nation in 1750 was about 5 to 1. Today the difference between the richest nation and the poorest nation is what?

16. Of the 6.2 billion people in the world today, how many live on less than $1 per day, and how many live on less than $2 per day?

17. The richest 1% in the world receive as much income as what percentage of the poorest?

18. The Congress under President Bush has been more generous in helping poor countries than under President Clinton. In 2003, the US increased official development assistance to poor countries by one-fifth. Where does the US contribution rank in the top 22 countries in proportion to our economy?

19. Americans give how much per day in government assistance to poor countries?

20. Americans spend how much on soft drinks each day?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Good News -- This Time from Georgetown University

GU Office of the Senior Vice President | A Just Employment Policy for Georgetown University

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless about the future. That's why I'm so thrilled when I get news about terrific victories like this one. Everywhere there are people who care, working hard every day to effect positive change. Every day there are reasons to rejoice, too. Celebrate!

Social Security Success Stories - TrueMajorityACTION

Social Security Success Stories - TrueMajorityACTION

Here's a chance to post your Social Security story. I read through many of the stories posted. True Majority - a terrific organization - will make sure these stories reach our elected officials. The stories are powerful, true, and deeply moving -- for example:

Jennifer from Allison Park, PA wrote:

I may only be 30, but I know how important Social Security is. Several members of my family worked for a major hospital in Pittsburgh. In 2002, that hospital went bankrupt. Because it was registered as a religous institution, the pension fund was not insured (a loophole)...and now, there are a thousand people in Pittsburgh that are trying to build a pension when they are 45, 55, even 65 years old. What they thought they had worked for is gone. The bankruptcy court is providing two minimal checks which are not enough to build a substantial investment. The employees that were on a pension (such as my mother and aunt) have been given "x" amount of years of pension funds. What happens if they live past "x" amount of years? Where would they be without social security?

Gambling with Social Secuity is not an option. Americans need a guaranteed safety net. I know because there are many examples I can give you of people who thought they had a guranteed pension and "poof" it was gone. What would happen if their social security was cut?

Keep up the fight! Reform does not mean destroying the system!

Post your story now!

Take Action: Call For ABC News To Drop Wal-Mart As "Only In America" Sponsor

Take Action: Call For ABC News To Drop Wal-Mart As "Only In America" Sponsor

Here's a quick action you can take--

Wal-Mart is a sponsor of Good Morning America’s “Only in America” series, a patriotic series about Americans who make this nation better and stronger. With this sponsorship, ABC News provides Wal-Mart both a format and visual framing to perpetuate a long-term myth—that Wal-Mart possesses a unique American patriotism manifested in practices that promote American values, respect workers, and privilege American-made products. There could be no greater distance between “Only in America” and the reality behind Wal-Mart’s image machinery.

Wal-Mart’s use of its “Only in America” sponsorship is simply another cynical attempt to deceive customers about Wal-Mart’s responsibility for sending more jobs overseas than any other American corporation and lowering U.S. wages.

Call on ABC News President David Westin to drop Wal-Mart immediately as a sponsor of this segment, and to take down the company’s internet ads which further attempt to connect Wal-Mart with the “Only in America” slogan.

OY! what's next? R J Reynolds sponsors "Fit Forever: Healthy Choices"????

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

MARCH 8 House Concert Outstanding!

A packed house celebrated International Women's Day at Jim and LLouise's lovely home in Friendship. Proving beyond all doubt that 'the kids are all right,' Evan Greer, Ryan Harvey, Mark Gunnery, Tom Frampton and Darren 'Deicide' Kramer took turns swapping songs and poems with me. Check out their website. A very enthusiastic audience sang along, bought lots of CDs and contributed generously to the Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust. If you missed the fun, but would still like to help Lee, information appears below on how you can contribute.

Long time feminist and friend Lee Fogarty suffered a devastating loss when her home along with many of her possessions were destroyed in a mudslide on January 6th.
To top off losing her home it turns out that the state of PA does not require insurance companies to cover damage caused by land movement. This means her insurance is paying for nothing - not the house, furniture or any of her lost possessions & she is still responsible for the mortgage. Adding insult to injury, Lee had to pay to have the house demolished immediately and the vacant land reseeded for the spring.

In an effort to help Lee start anew, friends have established the Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust to accept donations on her behalf. The trust is held by Dollar Bank and Lee is the sole beneficiary. Unfortunately the laws governing charities do not enable us to set up the account to permit donors to declare a tax deduction. Please consider making a donation. Donations may be sent to:

Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust
c/oDollar Bank
PO Box 5492
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


CIW - 2005 WE WON!!

Amidst the growing momentum of the 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour and after nearly four years of a national boycott, the CIW and Taco Bell have reached a historic agreement!

Here are some wonderful photos from our celebration in Louisville...