Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pete Seeger's Birthday

A standing room only crowd showed up at Pittsburgh's Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Tuesday, May 3rd to celebrate Pete Seeger's 86th birthday. Kerrville Folk Festival pal Ken Gaines was in from Houston, Texas to join in the festivities. He and I are getting ready to cut Pete's cake We collected $250 for the Hudson River Clearwater Sloop. Also singing that evening were John Hayes and Jack Erdie. It was a great evening. People joined in on "If I Had a Hammer" (Tom DeLay's name never came up.....), "Wimoweh," "This Land is Your Land" and many others. It was part of a celebration intended to stretch from the redwood forests to the Gulfstream waters ... and I think it did. Happy birthday, Pete!

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Anonymous said...

I had way too much fun helping you celebrate Pete's 86th and meeting so many good folks there in Pittsburgh. Thanks so much Anne, John, Jack, and all the folks at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern for making me feel right at home.

Ken Gaines