Friday, August 26, 2005

Triplet cousins!

Here they are! My cousin Peggy McCahill Duncan delivered these gorgeous babies last month while I was out on my West coast tour - John Duncan is the proud papa and Connor is official big brother. Mazel tov! Here's what Grandma Mardy says: "It honestly takes two adults on their feet 24/7, to feed, tend, and do all the preparations. Jim (Grandpa) has been very busy also, doing a lot with the babies, and also doing nearly all of the cooking, most shopping, & running errands for both households. It's funny, when one of the babies went for a doctor's appointment, it was just so easy taking care of 'only' two of them - twins would be a piece of cake, & three is indeed a major event!" Congratulations to all!


Anonymous said...

cute :)

Anonymous said...

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