Monday, October 24, 2005

The Million Phone March To Impeach President Bush

The Million Phone March To Impeach President Bush

By now it is clear to anyone not locked in the basement of Fox News that president Bush and his entire administration lied us into a disastrous, unnecessary, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Not only did they lie, as demonstrated by the Downing Street minutes, they knowingly conspired in those lies. And they did so maliciously, cynically, and with the intent of enabling their personal business cronies engage in no-bid war profiteering, in effect to embezzle hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal treasury.

Moreover, when challenged on the biggest of those lies, that Iraq posed a nuclear attack threat to the United States, high level members of the Bush administration committed treason by exposing the identity of an important CIA operative whose dedicated life's mission was preventing the spread of the very weapons of mass destruction the Bush Administration had used against the American public as weapons of fear. And president Bush has protected the perpetrators of these acts, failing to remove them from their positions of trust as he represented he would do at the very minimum based on their manifest involvement.

Tell your Representative and both of your Senators it is time to impeach president Bush now!

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