Sunday, January 29, 2006

Protest Excessive Airline Executive Bonuses!

Where does Glenn Tilton get the nerve! What a pig!!!!!!

United Airlines, the world’s second largest airline, has proposed a bonus plan to give its top eight executives $45 million in stock after the company emerges from a three-year bankruptcy, in February.

The proposal reserves 13.6 million shares, or 11 percent of the company, for 400 executives. CEO Glenn Tilton would receive $15 million in stock, or 1.1 percent of the company. According to a separate document, Tilton also would receive $605,625 annually in compensation, with the ability to double it with an annual bonus.

United workers find the proposal unfair -- and no wonder! They were just socked with $4 billion in pay and benefit concessions in this latest round of bankruptcy negotiations to "save the company."

To express your displeasure with United’s disregard for workers’ needs and favoritism towards executives, write to:

Glenn Tilton
WHQPW United Airlines
PO Box 66100
Chicago, IL 60666

Call United’s customer service at 1-877-228-1327
Fax them at 1- 877-406-1059

It’s reported that United has recently stopped providing a general e-mail address, in order to discourage negative feedback. There is an on-line feedback form ... use it!!!!!

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Peta-de-Aztlan said...

I love your Blog Sister Anne, noticed you got onto the Humane-Rights-Agenda Blog and I am glad that in these times of so much confusion and division that we can connect up and come together via this medium, though, who knows for how long it will be in its present form.

Do you watch Democracy Now! where you are?

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