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Fellow Travelers' Advisory from Anne Feeney - JULY 2006, VOLUME TWO, # 4

Fellow Travelers' Advisory from Anne Feeney - JULY 2006, VOLUME TWO, # 4

Dave Lippman and I on the two story Jobs with Justice Float, singing "The Internationale" in the 4th of July parade in Ashland, OR


The fabulous left coast Triple Trouble Tour with Dave Lippman ....

Cave Junction, OR
Briceland, CA
Berkeley, CA
San Rafael, CA
Foster City, CA
Chicago, IL
Watsonville, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Felton, CA
Sacramento, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Tucson??? stay tuned!
San Francisco, CA
Laurel, MD

Then Lebanon, Sweden, Denmark, Labor Day in Lawrence, MA at the Bread and Roses Festival and then Ireland!! Details at the end of this message and continuously updating on my tour dates page.

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I try my best to keep the calendar current, but it's always a good idea to check directly with the venue before you hop on your bike, bus, hybrid vehicle, etc...

you can buy my CDs at CDBaby ... thanks for your interest in my music!!


In this issue:

A. It's my birthday!
B. World Peace Forum - Vancouver, BC
C. The Triple Trouble Tour is a blast!
D. My new CD - "If I Can't Dance"
E. It's twins!



Hi there folks:

July 1st was Canada Day and my 55th birthday. Dave and I were in Portland on my birthday and my daughter Amy convinced me to celebrate my birthday by going skydiving. Pictures coming soon....

June 29th found us on beautiful Vancouver Island. Dave Lippman and I did a house concert at Ken Orchard and Sharon Hazelwood's house in Victoria. What great folks. We took the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo and drove down the east coast of Vancouver Island on a gorgeous highway called the Malahat. It's some of the most spectacular scenery you'll see anywhere.



The organizers were hoping for 3000 people, but almost 5000 registered for and attended the first annual World Peace Forumin Vancouver, BC. Delegates from all over the world came to let each other know about crises and successes in their countries. It was troubling to hear about militarization in Japan - a country that has been a model for peace work for decades now. It was empowering to hear women from Africa speaking about community efforts to end violence and war. My friend, Kent Wong from UCLA and APALA - the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance spoke enthusiastically about the huge and growing immigrant rights movement in the US. It was impossible to take in even a fraction of the information shared over the 6 days of the conference....

Dave Lippman and I were thrilled to be invited to perform twice at the Forum, and to see so many other talented cultural workers there... including our pals, Emma's Revolution and Holly Near.



Dave Lippman and I are having so much fun touring together. If you are unfamiliar with his work, check out his website. He's a real pro, and so talented and funny! We still have quite a few dates left on the tour, so please encourage your left coast friends to find us and have some fun! We've had great shows so far... at Vancouver's legendary Railway Club with the one and only Joey Only and his companera - the lovely and talented Tamara Nile.... The Seattle and Tacoma Jobs with Justice shows were terrific... Vance & Kimberlie Lelli have the most gorgeous house in Tacoma and hosted us in style... and Betsy Pernotto and Bob Marshall and Al and Dottie Dale arranged a wonderful concert in Bellingham. I finally got to meet and hang out with Dana Lyons ... one of the great luminaries of our mooovement ... as well as briefly catching up with Linda Allen, Joe & Flip Breskin and Rob LoPresti ... We had a painless border crossing for a change.



My new CD is at the duplicator right now. My wonderful friend Randy McSorley of Kaukauna, WI dropped everything to do a terrific job on the new CD cover.. It has 16 great songs on it (not necessarily in this order...) and is very danceable!

1. Emma Goldman
2. Defenders of Marriage
3. My Feet are Tired
4. Dr. Jazz
5. Amelia Earhart
6. Shell Game
7. Let Their Heads Roll
8. Me Case con un Heroe
9. Who's the Criminal?
10. Sheik of Araby/The Blues My Naughty Sweetie...
11. Days of the Theocracy
12. Too Much Monkey Business
13. Your Mind is on Vacation
14. The Dutchman
15. Phil the Fluter's Jam
16. Lullaby

It sounds absolutely fabulous. Doug Wilkin did a fantastic job recording, mixing, mastering and even some singing and playing on this recording. Longtime fans will notice that some of the best tunes from my 1987 cassette "If I Can't Dance" are included too ... including those famous duets with DC Fitzgerald. This time I'm producing some CDs with a 16 page lyric book and traditional jewel case and some in a more environmentally friendly and slightly more affordable cardboard sleeve with downloadable (if ya want them) liner notes available on my website. Both options should be available soon at CDBaby

93 of you responded to last month's email appeal for help with this project. THANKS so much! I'm so touched by your generosity, and delighted to be listing you in the liner notes.

So far I've spent approximately:

Musicians' wages: $3500
Musicians' pension: $350
Engineering/Mastering/Mixing: $3000

and I still owe:

Duplicating: $3130
Royalties to composers: $2548

and I have substantial promotional and postage costs awaiting me too...

If you meant to be part of this.... it's not too late! because...


I realized as I was recording these tunes that I actually have two CDs here... In a couple months I'm going to release the other tunes I recorded (Brave New Christmas, Dump the Bosses Off Your Back, Preacher and the Slave, Cops of the World, Hallelujah, I'm a Bum, Ya Basta and more!) on a CD tentatively titled "Dump the Bosses Off Your Back." It's too late to get your name in the liner notes for "If I Can't Dance" - but $100 now to:

Anne Feeney
7206 Michigan Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

will get your name in the liner notes for the October release of "Dump the Bosses off Your Back." If some of you responded right away, I'd sure breathe easier. I spend an awful lot of my life acting on faith in you all... and you've never let me down. I am truly blessed.

I know there's a lot going on right now... I hear there are over 8000 AWOL soldiers at this moment... many of them seeking asylum in Canada... I'm trying to keep abreast of all the breaking news ... It's not easy when I'm doing such an intense tour... I hope you'll let me know what's up ... Stay in touch and keep up the great work!

Love and solidarity


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