Friday, April 25, 2008

The Egg and I

Well, the doc says the lump has to come out. I've got an MRI scheduled
(if my f%#!ing insurance company okays it) for April 29th. She should be
able to determine after the MRI if the lump is in breast tissue (in which
case she says it's a "partial mastectomy") or in muscle tissue (in which case i
forget what she said it was... as soon as she said the word "mastectomy"
my heart started racing and i forgot i was an adult).

Once the bugger is extracted (it's VERY small now... 1 cm at most) they'll
be able to figure out what it is, and we'll come up with post op

She says it's a miracle that this lump engorged with blood so that it
could be detected, and that the core biopsy caught the atypical cells ...
she thought it much more likely that the biopsy would have just picked up
blood from the tumor. She makes it sound like this will be pretty simple
and the recovery very quick.

The Lump-outa-me (so far, I just can't use that "m" word) is scheduled for
12 May. She says I'll be fine to drive to Madison the next day to perform
at the Utah Phillips benefit.

So.. that's the news... sounds like I'm a lucky girl

Thanks for your concern.



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