Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscars 2009!

The tables were set:

The 2009 tote-board in place:

The red carpet was rolled out, and we awaited our guests!

Our lovely paparrazza, Sophia Faller (on the right), and her friend Mia Davis, took the guests' coats on arrival, gave them their ballots, and collected their dollars!

First to arrive were Jim and Llouise Altes with the "Slum Dog Millionaire" appetizers!

Next came "Eric von Marchbein" - silent movie director - resplendent in his jodhpurs and riding boots

Father Bill Feeney

Jan Boyd and Bill Erickson

Barbara Lebeau, wearing a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir

Father Lou Vallone in his Steelers-wear:

"Slumdog" Hilary Chiz!

Barbara's husband, Tom Aspel

Jeanne Clark, with a car full of beer and champagne!

Tod Faller, parking valet, technical master, furniture mover, majordomo and factotum

The candles are lit and we start off with our "Slumdog Millionaire" appetizers - curried nut mix and pappadams with three sauces!

Robin Alexander (on left) and Polly Halfkenny (adjusting her "Revolutionary Road" hat in the mirror) arrive just in time with "The Reader" salad!

Perfect, Polly!

Following Polly's dramatic reading of the recipe, and Robin's artful tableside preparation, we were treated to "The Reader" salad - featuring poached pears, dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese and toasted pine nuts! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time for the Benjamin Button entree - New Orleans Jambalaya!

The diners await Hilary Chiz's "Frost/Nixon" citrus sorbet -

artfully arranged by Julie Leonardsson in a custom-made mold of Nixon's head

"Was that the dessert?" wonders Jeanne Clark

No! Just the palate cleanser. Dessert is courtesy of "MILK" - Julie's lovely Creme Caramel -


and now, on to the Oscars!

From the beginning, Tom is out front!

von Marchbein looks strangely confident!

Hilary says, "Has anyone noticed that Tom has gotten them ALL right so far!!!"

Tom ponders: "Should I invest my winnings in stocks, bonds, commodities?"

And the winner is - SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE!!

And the winner of the 2009 Oscars' Sweepstakes is Tom!His score - a whopping 18 out of 24 - 75% correct! amazing! (click on the image to enlarge... Tom's score is on the bottom row!

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briget said...

WOW......looks like another Oscar winning event. Sorry we were in Qatar and had to miss the great Anne and Julie party we look forward to every year. Hope to be able to be with you all again next year. Hillary definitely wins for best costume and "Frost Nixon Sorbet" got my vote!