Monday, April 09, 2012


VERY VERY wonderful news for all of us. Bill Oliver, "Mr. Habitat," is going to be in Pittsburgh on Earth Day! I couldn't be more excited.

... so I've decided to host a house concert immediately after our Point Park event. Time permitting, we might even get an early preview of our video... watch the "dailies." I'll have some snacks and drinks, and at 5:30 PM we'll start the house concert at my house. It will be a super kid-friendly show and I expect it to be over around 7 or 7:30, in time for most kids' school-night bedtimes. Something in the $20-25 per family range would be great. All proceeds go to Bill. We're so lucky to have him. Unfortunately, the reason he's here is  because of family illness, or we never would have been able to snag one of the foremost environmental singers in the country for Earth Day.

Bill Oliver - "Mr. Habitat"

Bill Oliver of Austin TX in concert at my house at 5:30PM on April 22nd!  Don't miss it!!!

Spread the word, folks!

Please RSVP by phone or text to (412) 877-6480 if you want to come, and with how many people. I'll give you my address then. I can only accommodate about 40 for this concert, so call early to save a seat.

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