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2013 Inishfree Tour with Anne Feeney

2013 Inishfree Tour with Anne Feeney

My apologies for the uneven and spotty content of this document.  Please feel free to advise me if you want a different picture or edited bio before I go to print.  PLEASE make your subject 2013 BIO

Todd Davis - Beaver Falls, PA
Todd is an ordained minister, music lover and presenter, and peace activist 
pictured here with his wife Emilie
Ken Orchard - Victoria, BC
Ken is a musician and music-lover, as well as a concert presenter
No picture available for Carole Costello, his partner.
Dori Binsted (left of center ... in all ways)
Silver Spring, MD

Nell Postans -Victoria, BC
I was an aquatic biologist until I retired this March, and Molly is a musician for a couple of dance groups, and portrays Emily Carr (a British Columbian artist and writer from the early 1900s) on walks through Victoria.  She also teaches ukulele.  My musical exploits mostly involve playing for three Morris dance sides (a kind of silly ancient English dance style with waving hankies and/or banging sticks) and I also write and sing songs with or without Molly.

Molly and I are neighbours, friends and musicians.  About 15 years ago, we formed a group called Pennyfarthing with our husbands, but sadly, her husband (Rod) had a nasty accident and stroke in 2007, and my husband (Laurie) had a degenerative nerve disorder and died in 2011.  In 2008, Laurie, Molly and I accompanied Anne Feeney, Tom Piggott, intrepid Paddy the driver and a group of spirited travellers on one of Anne's tours and had such a wonderful time that a chance to repeat the experience was too tempting to miss.

Mollly Raher Newman - Victoria, BC
I'm celebrating my 65th birthday On September 30 - so it looks like there are a few important events centering on the end of September! What a great way to start things out. 
I'm delighted to be on this trip, and will be bringing my harp, ukulele and strumstick to join in with the music. Nell and I have worked out some lovely duets of our favourite Canadian songs and Irish ones as well
Maya Conn, Los Angeles, CA

Atheist; Scientific Rationalism; Pantheism
(that was all that Facebook permitted me to download)

Molly Martin (L) and Holly Holbrook (R)
Bay Area
Molly and Holly both sent me bios which I cannot find... so sorry.  I know Molly is a skilled tradeswoman whom I met at Women's Labor Education events...
I don't think I've met Holly

Kay Magill - Oakland, CA
If Kay sent me a bio and pic, I can't find it... but I've known her since she was 14.  We went together to the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1967. She's a National Merit Scholar, one of the smartest people I've ever known, and she works for a progressive think tank in Oakland.
JULIE COOKE (on left)

I am virtually retired (which means I'm pretty busy but no one pays me any more!) Had several careers: elementary school teacher, travel agent, travel manager (for parts of the University of California), consultant, hypnotherapist. I survived several marriages and have three adult daughters, two on the West Coast, one on the East, so I travel a bit to visit. Also spend some time in Hawaii and on cruise ships. I'm excited that this trip to Ireland kind of popped up out of no where and look forward to meeting everyone.

Carol Tova Newman
Astoria, OR

Greetings from Carol Newman though perhaps Tova for this trip since we
have a Carol and a Newman. I live in the country in NW Oregon near
unity Radio: folk music (playing the powerful Anne Feeney &
Astoria where I spend much time hosting two radio shows on KMUN Com m friends) and live arts interviews. I teach international folk dance in
amp; environs, supporting human rights, peace & justice are som
schools and community; Music, dance, theater, art, protecting our River &e of my passions. Originally from NYC, I've been in OR 39 years; traveled,
hitchhiked & lived in many countries since college in 1965 but never Irel

Lynn Burow
 I have been working for Boeing for 36 years and I hoping to retire next spring. I met Anne Feeney at Labor Summer School in 2009 and have enjoyed her music ever since. I read about this trip to Ireland. I am also part Irish, and we have been researching our roots. I enjoy traveling and hope to do more in the near future. I enjoy attending Highland Festivals and learning more about my past.

Harry Wyman and Ellen Light
St Louis, MO
We are going to Ireland to celebrate... our belated Honeymoon!  We were married 7 years ago Sept. 30, and we get to have the commemoration in Ireland, a dream coming true-- as was our meeting and marrying rather late in the game.

We live in St. Louis, Missouri... Harry is a retired elementary school teacher, who now works part-time at a local grocery... and I'm a retired (desktop) graphic artist and also keep up a couple of part-time jobs. 

Harry's family heritage must be Irish, since he is part leprechaun "on his Mother's side," as he says.  He's a vegetarian, devoted to taking part in local peace and social justice vigils, and he's also likes to do a few magic tricks, and --whatever you do, don't ask him about our grandchildren.

I had a nomadic early adulthood, many counterculture adventures, and traveled and lived in different parts of this country, (with a special fondness for the Pacific NW and New Mexico) but never have been abroad. For a couple of decades I hosted a singer-songwriter series at a local venue...I play some guitar and have written a few songs along the way... mostly enjoy the old folk stuff.  I'm also an aspiring writer, working on that '60s memoir before I forget it all!
(L) Joey Hartman (not on the tour) and partner Jim Gorman
Burnaby, BC
Mary Wallon

no photo
Sharlene Cece
Sharlene Cece from Santa Cruz County, originally from Motown, retired from SEIU and UFCW (where she served as president Santa Cruz Co Labor Council, and on the executive board of UFCW local 5.  She clerked at Safeway.  A real music enthusiast, Shar's musical tastes are very eclectic.

Mary (above) and Scott Stefansen,(right)
I suspect Mary's photo is not current, but it's the only one I could access.
Eugene, OR

Not pictured/no bio provided
Annamay Nelson, Burbank, CA
(who provided glorious hospitality to me on my last tour!)
Annamay's son, Bill Nelson, Burbank, CA
(I didn't get to meet Bill on my tour)

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