Friday, March 07, 2014

ANNE FEENEY AND EVAN GREER -CARRY IT ON - a multi-generational tour honoring the legacy of Pete Seeger

HEADS UP - Washington and British Columbia!!

Testing the water here... I'm wondering if I can put together a mini-tour in Washington and British Columbia next month.  We are flexible in our fee schedule and this would be a chance to get a real bargain booking us.

We'd like to tour from April 14 right to Mayday.  I know this isn't much notice, but if you know of an event that is already scheduled, or could put together something with one month's notice, please get in touch. 

Evan Greer

Photo by Jenell James
Evan Greer at the World Fellowship Center


I'll be doing this tour with the amazing Evan Greer.  Evan is terrific at doing workshops, and she and I are offering to do workshops for youth and high school students, college and university students, organizations or unions.

Evan is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, harmony-singer, and writer. Our duo is ... ahem ... dynamic. really.

rallies & picket lines

April 28th is Workers' Memorial Day.  We perform lots of songs that work with this important labor observance - "War on the Workers," "We Just Come to Work Here (We Don't Come to Die)" and "You Will Answer" to name a few. We love to play at picket lines.  If you know anyone who is on strike, please let them know we're available.


We do a lot of house concerts, and would love to do one at your house!  If you can seat at least 20 people in your living room or family room, and you know 20 people who might come to your house, let us know..


We're really excited about being with you for Mayday!  And we'd like to do that in Seattle if possible, as I will be flying out on May 2nd.

We are interested in any ideas you have.  Please contact me at or Evan at  If this works out, it will be great.  I'm really missing all my friends from Aberdeen to Cumberland.

Solidarity forever!


PS  I wrote this without Evan, and I can see I emphasized labor - but we have awesome material for gender rights, feminism, the environment, peace and so much more! Thank for your help!!!

Anne Feeney
412-877-6480 (cell)

"Anne Feeney is the greatest labor singer in North America." -- Utah Phillips

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