Friday, April 04, 2003

hi, got it this time, whirled_retort is yours, just reply to this invite, log in with user name and password and when i see you show up on the dashboard i will select administrator for each of you so you can choose templates and modify discription in settings, stay away from archives for a while until you get it all worked out and then we will republish archives

also we will hold off on customizations for a while til you get it sorted out as customizations (links in the columns etc) are lost when you change templates

you will just log in and then type or paste in the top box and hit post or post and publish, in settings look for a bookmarklet called *blog this* and drag the link to your favorites bar -- then when you are on a page and have some text highlighted and click *blogthis* then the page title (changeable) becomes the live link and the text is sent to your blog dashboard as post or direct to blogsite as entry. take a look at rawblogXport to see the system in action.

now, in the lower window is *edit* -- well when you *blog this* most quotes and dashes are converted to question marks ? and you have to hand edit them out and replace with correct symbol

happy blogging, once you have signed up from then on you go to and sign in then to your dashboard, then when you publish you go to the whirled_retort page which should show up in about half an hour

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