Friday, April 18, 2003

18 April 2003
friday in pittsburgh

hi folks

so many people have written to tell me how immobilized and depressed they've felt since this war began. while i continue to write, fax, petition, sing and pray for peace i've found i need to do more to feel okay these days. i've started walking ... a *lot* ... trying to do 5 miles a day ...partly to get into better shape, but mostly to have some time to reflect and also to take in the splendor of the planet. the glories of spring are everywhere these days ... the crocuses, daffodils, tulips, lilacs, dogwoods, azaleas ... the trees in bloom ... enough to take your breath away, and constant reminders that life renews.

chris and i have been busy piling on the hours mastering and editing and getting the artwork ready for our new CDs. i've got all the very best labor songs i've ever recorded onto one 23 song CD called "Union Maid" ... the cover features the wonderful labor history mural of pittsburgh that my husband and i did for SEIU with students at Schenley High School ... my UPIU brother Randy McSorley dropped everything he was in the middle of to do the design (thanks!) ... it's got all the hits from 'united we bargain, divided we beg' onto CD for the first time -- 'are you now or have you ever been?', 'The US Steal Song', 'Schooldays End', "Solidarity Forever', "Which Side Are You On?" "Fannie Sellins" "Bread and Roses" "Are My Hands Clean?""Your Nursing Heart" "Punch It In" ... and then, from "Look to the Left" - "Scabs", "National Health Care Now!", "We Do the Work", "We Just Come to Work Here" ... from "Heartland" we picked "Union Maid", "After School", "the Sick Note" "Praise Boss" and "The Victim Gets the Blame" ...I went back to my 1987 cassette "If I Can't Dance It's Not My Revolution" to get "Do-Re-Mi" and "I'm Gonna Be an Engineer" and then, for good measure, I added "Whatever Happened to the Eight Hour Day?" and "War on the Workers" from "Have You Been to Jail for Justice?" It's almost 78 minutes of fabulous labor music!

It will be ready in time for Mayday, and I could really use some pre-orders, too. To reserve a copy, send a check for $15.99 (PA Residents add $1.05 Sales Tax) to Anne Feeney - 7206 Michigan Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15218

And before the Kerrville Folk Festival begins Chris and I will have 1000 copies of "LIVE FROM THE WHOLLY STOLEN EMPIRE" in our hands. Chris has outdone himself on the artwork this time, and he and i both agree it's a *wonderful* recording... Finally on one CD -- Carnivals #3, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, FL, 21st Century Skid Row Man, Cracker Jack Cure, Whoop, Top Banana, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Abyss, Chiapas, Freedom Is... and Martin Luther, Classic.

You can pre-order this CD too! Send a check for $15.99 (PA residents add $1.05 sales tax) to Chris Chandler, 7206 Michigan Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

We're off to Wisconsin for Earth Day to Mayday ... we're looking forward to our visit to the picket line of striking UFCW 538 workers at Tyson! Then on to New York City... please check the tour dates. See you on the road & in the streets!

In Solidarity

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