Sunday, November 30, 2003

SCR archives: Issue 1, 1996- Anne Feeney Sounds Celebrating Resistance
An Interview with Labor Activist and Musican Anne Feeney
One of the folks who is indirectly responsible for this magazine idea ever coming to fruition is Anne Feeney. She may not even realize the role she played in its creation, but you can go ahead and pin the blame on her if you don't like what I'm doing.

The story goes something like this: I start this radio show called Sounds Celebrating Resistance. Some folks who find out about it via the wacky internet and send me stuff to play on the show. At this point the magazine was pretty much just a fuzzy 'wouldn't it be cool to do something like that' idea with no real substance behind it. But then a woman named Anne Feeney sent me a couple of her CD's and I was so impressed with her political artistry and so bothered that this woman was doing such great work and I had never heard about it before. I figured other folks who hadn't heard about her probably should so I decided I would go ahead and do this magazine as a way of helping to spread the word and recognize some great political music makers. And so I did.

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