Sunday, November 30, 2003

AUD's 'Best Rank-and-File Website' Contest - Using the Internet to Organize for Democracy and Power
deadline for entry is 12/30/03
Overview: The theme of AUD's 'Best Rank-and-File Website' contest is using the internet to organize for democracy and power. There are now hundreds of independent rank-and-file websites in North America operated by individual union members or reform groups. By holding this contest we hope to accomplish three things: 1) to spotlight the great work that rank-and-file webstewards are doing and make their work known to a broader audience, 2) to promote the use of the internet as an organizing tool for union reformers, and 3) to encourage discussion among rank-and-file webstewards about what works and what doesn't -- both technically and in terms of organizing -- so we can all be more effective.

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