Saturday, April 24, 2004

I still haven't decided what I'll be singing at the March, but I do know where and when------- at 12:08PM on the Washington Monument side "morning" stage (it's on 14th Street between Jefferson and Madison) I'll have a five minute solo performance... I'm sure my daughter Amy and her friend Llewellyn Gannon will be singing with me... and maybe some special guests...

Then at 1PM I'll be opening the "afternoon" stage at the Capitol side of the Mall (3rd Street between Madison and Jefferson) with the Pittsburgh Laughing Matters/Serious Business Chorus. We'll be performing my amazing friend Ginny Hildebrand's fabulous song, "If Men Could Get Pregnant."

After the March we'll be heading to Adams/Morgan for dinner... probably at the Red Sea or Meskerem. Hope to see you there.

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