Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Muse and Whirled Retort 04-04-04 by chris chandler
Speaking of the number 4 and calendars - four is the number of years
Anne Feeney and I have worked together - which is longer than I have
worked with any other musician. She came down to Florida, where I
was living, as the last of the dangling chads were being counted. I
can't think of anyone I would have rather spent the Bush years with.

But as Anne has been granted a new lease on life - the confetti is
still falling from her fabulous prognosis - she has decided to pursue
other options. This summer will be our last West Coast tour
together, the rally to close the School of the Americas our last
show. December of 2000 through November of 2004. Four years.

So I will be looking for my fourth musical partner and will also be
doing some solo shows in the near future. If any of you have any
thoughts on this or want to volunteer - please drop me a line.

Also, if you were thinking about booking Anne and me as a duo - do so

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