Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Do Yourself an Audio Favor and Help Jolie Rickman

Buy Jolie Rickman's Recordings

please hold Jolie Rickman in your thoughts and/or prayers. She and Colleen Kattau have performed at every SOA demo for forever... Jolie has been battling ovarian cancer, and after getting a great cancer-free diagnosis last month, she learned yesterday that she had a metastatic brain tumor which was removed this morning. I'm not sure how old Jolie is, but I don't think she's 40... she's really been to hell and back.

Jolie's terrific CDs -Suffer to Be Beautiful, Sublime Detonation, and Sing It Down! (done with Colleen Kattau as a fundraiser for SOAW) - are available for $14 payable to: jolie rickman, 23 virginia ave, brooklyn, ny 11213 ... music samples available by clicking the link.

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bet said...

Hey, all

A late comment... As many of you probably have heard, Jolie passed away in mid-January, after an almost year-long struggle with cancer. If anyone would like her cds, her partner is working to get these reprinted. in the meantime, you can listen to her MP3s at, or write me directly if you'd like a burned copy of one of her discs.

Beth Rickman (jolie's sister)