Thursday, March 24, 2005

Social Security Success Stories - TrueMajorityACTION

Social Security Success Stories - TrueMajorityACTION

Here's a chance to post your Social Security story. I read through many of the stories posted. True Majority - a terrific organization - will make sure these stories reach our elected officials. The stories are powerful, true, and deeply moving -- for example:

Jennifer from Allison Park, PA wrote:

I may only be 30, but I know how important Social Security is. Several members of my family worked for a major hospital in Pittsburgh. In 2002, that hospital went bankrupt. Because it was registered as a religous institution, the pension fund was not insured (a loophole)...and now, there are a thousand people in Pittsburgh that are trying to build a pension when they are 45, 55, even 65 years old. What they thought they had worked for is gone. The bankruptcy court is providing two minimal checks which are not enough to build a substantial investment. The employees that were on a pension (such as my mother and aunt) have been given "x" amount of years of pension funds. What happens if they live past "x" amount of years? Where would they be without social security?

Gambling with Social Secuity is not an option. Americans need a guaranteed safety net. I know because there are many examples I can give you of people who thought they had a guranteed pension and "poof" it was gone. What would happen if their social security was cut?

Keep up the fight! Reform does not mean destroying the system!

Post your story now!

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