Wednesday, March 09, 2005

MARCH 8 House Concert Outstanding!

A packed house celebrated International Women's Day at Jim and LLouise's lovely home in Friendship. Proving beyond all doubt that 'the kids are all right,' Evan Greer, Ryan Harvey, Mark Gunnery, Tom Frampton and Darren 'Deicide' Kramer took turns swapping songs and poems with me. Check out their website. A very enthusiastic audience sang along, bought lots of CDs and contributed generously to the Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust. If you missed the fun, but would still like to help Lee, information appears below on how you can contribute.

Long time feminist and friend Lee Fogarty suffered a devastating loss when her home along with many of her possessions were destroyed in a mudslide on January 6th.
To top off losing her home it turns out that the state of PA does not require insurance companies to cover damage caused by land movement. This means her insurance is paying for nothing - not the house, furniture or any of her lost possessions & she is still responsible for the mortgage. Adding insult to injury, Lee had to pay to have the house demolished immediately and the vacant land reseeded for the spring.

In an effort to help Lee start anew, friends have established the Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust to accept donations on her behalf. The trust is held by Dollar Bank and Lee is the sole beneficiary. Unfortunately the laws governing charities do not enable us to set up the account to permit donors to declare a tax deduction. Please consider making a donation. Donations may be sent to:

Lee Fogarty Resilience Trust
c/oDollar Bank
PO Box 5492
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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